Aug 10, 2011

A Giant lunar Tower-3085 med

I have figured out this anomaly from the NASA website( ). It is one of the image ( 3085_med ) from the site where we can see clearly a large structure on the upper and extreme left side of this image. Its mind blowing.

One cannot deny the truth that this structure is made artificially because no geological phenomenon can explain such type of structures. You can see this structure making a sharp shadow opposite to the direction of sunlight.
Check the image below I have marked the anomaly with a red arrow (Upper left). This photo itself reveals everything. A luanr tower showing constriction and nodes on its body and standing vertically. Image is a bit fuzzy still we can distiguish its body features.

See on the left upper side (click the image below to download the original image from

This picture clearly showing a Giant Tower. See the enlarged image of the tower below. A compelling evidence. This tower could be several hundred feets high.

Enlarged portion of the image above

More Evidence Of Lunar Towers-

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