Jul 2, 2011

Giant towers in vicinity of Evershed Crater

A small crater in vicinity of Evershed Crater we can see two unusual structures. Image is bit hazy still in the photographs we can identify two giant strucures seem to be casting their shadow on the right side ( well shadow not clearly visible ). This photo is from lunar orbiter mosaic in Goolge Moon and I think these two towers seems to be half inside the shadow of the crater and other half exposed and illuminated by sunlight.
First looking at the image I thought that it could be top of the mountain peaks in the center of the crater illuminatd by sunlight. Later I checked the depth of crater where anomaly is present, I found that the central area has no mountain peak and it is 100 m deeper than sourrounding area.
Coordinates 34°11'39.08"N, 158°12'38.44"W

Google Moon > Primary database > Global Maps > Lunar Orbiter Mosaic

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