Jul 3, 2011

A Tower - Evdokimo Crater

A Tower Like structure in the vicinity of Evdokimo Crater

It's visible in the image below there is a some object there. It seem to be about 1.5 Km high and glowing brightly in sunlight. This structue is very close to a big crater called as Evdokimo. This image is from Lunar Orbiter Mosaic. 

It looks to me like a strucutre there however as the image is very fuzzy its not 100% sure unless we get a high resolution image. Check it yourself by using coordinates 34°20'20.95"N, 154°24'43.48"W on google earth.

Google Moon > Primary database > Global Maps > Lunar Orbiter Mosaic

Enlaged portion of the image

More Evidence Of Lunar Towers-

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