The Moon is our mysterious neighbor. The Moon has always fascinated mankind throughout the ages and isn't just a glowing structure hanging in the sky. We know the today several anomalous shapes and structures on the lunar surface have been photographed.

There are many debatable photos that seem to show shapes and structures on the lunar surface that don't fit conventional explanations. What could they be? Some think extraterrestrials have or once had bases there.

I have tried to uncover the mysteries and anomalies found on moon during lunar missions and other space explorations. I am not saying that whatever I publish in this blog is hundred percent correct rather, I  have tried to bring forward my opinion by carefully examining unusual features on the the moon, with the possibility in mind that some of them might be artificial.
Research has shown that our Moon is much older than originally believed. Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. However, Moon rocks were dated at 5.3 billion years old and the lunar dust about one billion years older.
A NASA scientist Robin Brett said,
"It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the moon than it's existence."
But of course, the moon exists. Why or how it exists remains a mystery.
Is moon an artificial object ?

If we look at the lunar pictures, it's undeniable that, the anomalies really exist. They are not few, they are uncountable in number. Some of COMPELLING ANOMALIES are Giant Tower, towering miles into space, Lunar Bases and other anomalous structures.
It is evident that some areas on the Moon's surface are being intentionally obscured from view. Some people believe that aliens once had, or may still have, bases set up on the moon. Some people believe the anomalies are items, debris, and hardware that have been left by astronauts on their visits.

It is thought that the government knows what is truth, but they simply do not make this information public.
( This site contains images from Lunar Orbiter, Apollo missions, Clementine and Google earth. )