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In this site I have tried to gather evidence related to anomalies found on the moon in various Lunar Photographs of NASA and other space explorations. In my research I have found moon is not exactly what we have been taught or shown to us. There are many intriguing things which baffles experts and which need to be answered. They control information.

We are only told what they want us to know and shown what they want us to see. What are they hiding about the moon?

The Far side of the moon Mare Moscoviense -An Alien Base ?

Does Aliens have or once had bases there? I think NASA does not have explanation to those weirdest things found on the moon. I can show you many compelling evidence like Giant structures, Luminious objects and artifacts which are visible and anyone can easily recognize it. Government knows what is truth, but they simply do not make this information public. Conspiracy theorist say moon is a alien base, some say moon is a space craft hollowed out from inside. So what is the truth ? You can see the undoctored images of anomalies which I have downloaded from NASA websites and google Moon.

There are some images from Google Earth  below showing intriguing features on an area called as Mare Moscoviense. Click on images to enlarge, you can see clearly hundereds of small pointed and rectangular shaped constructions. Some one will argue that these could be rocks glowing due to sunlight or may be pixed out the shape of buildings. Ok that may be true but what about rectangular shaped and elongated structures ?

These structure are  dotted all around the surface of Mare Moscoviense in a pattern or different geometrical shapes indicating its artificiality and you could also see shadow of many sturctures.
The images below are undoctored and anyone can clearly identify the alien features that no body could have imagined. An remnant of ancient civilization or aliens still flourishing there ?

In my opinion we should not believe in everything blindly but in the same time we should not be an ignorant one. Truth reveal itself.

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