Jul 3, 2011

Lunar Bases-Mare Moscoviense and Komarov Crater

It is one of the few videos I have uploaded to YouTube. While playing the video you can see the area called as Mare Moscoviense  (Coordinates · 27°18′N 147°54′E / 27.3°N 147.9°E ) and Komarov crater (wikipedia-Komarov is a lunar crater that lies across the southeastern edge of Mare Moscoviense, on the northern hemisphere of the far side of the Moon. It is a complex feature with an irregular appearance.). A lunar mare that sits in the Moscoviense basin. It is one of the very few maria on the far side of the Moon. 

Mare Moscoviense  and Komarov crater


When I was looking into Komarov crater in Google moon, I found that there is a hazy layer ( a translucent layer) covering and obscuring whole of the google moon and it was clearing away while  zooming into it. It revealed the clearest picture of the surface and one can easily see in this video.

Anomalies are clearly visible if one zooms to several hundred meters. I was amazed after looking this. I searched the whole area of Komarov and Mare Moscoviense took hundreds of snapshots of surface anomalies and published in this website.

Open Google Earth and switch to moon > Type Mare Moscoviense or Komarov


One can easily see the several rectangular, pointed and small tower like structures. Believe me or not but you see hundreds of them in regular pattern or in geometrical arrangements and it looks like artificial.
Somebody will argue that these may be rocks or boulders which appear to be glowing in sunlight. Ok, let's assume they are boulders but what about long strucutres which are rectangular in shape and what about paired objects ? Do you think these could be simple rocks ? Something is fishy there.

Paired Structures
Long Structures
What about the hazy layer coming up and clearing away while zooming in to it ? It proves the fact that whole moon was deliberately obscured in this way to conceal it from the public. I don't know why only Mare Moscoviense area is only visible in this way and not other region, but I think it could be due to some technical glitch or error which NASA or Google don't know. I don't know even this it is visible in other computer or not.
I have tried to analyse carefully whatever I found and after judging everything I have published my opinion in this website. Check it yourself and feel free to download this video.


One can easily analyse this video himself and can make their own conclusion. Why there is hazy layer coming up and its clearing away ? Why it is being obscured ? Ask yourself why?

See the links for more evidence on Mare Moscoviense below


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