Jul 2, 2011

Lunar Tower 1.30 Km High

This is an image that I have downloaded from google moon. A big tower on the outer edge of a small crater. This is a small crater about 50 Km from Oenopides crater.

Unbelievable ! such things exist on moon. A giant structure with different thickness at various point can be clearly seen on its body. We can also see the shadow casted by it which is just opposite to the direction of sunlight and anyone can easily differentiate it from background lunar surface.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that who made such huge things on the moon ? Does it signifies the existence of extraterrestrial on moon? We know that moon's gravity is 1/6 of earth and theoretically such structures are not impossible to make. However it sure that this is not the work of human being, so who is the suspect ? Aliens ?

Below (Last Image) you can see the contrast enhanced image, where this structure looks very prominent.

Go to Google Moon > Lunar Orbiter mosaic >  56 19 N, 59 08 W

Contrast enhanced (Below)

More Evidence Of Lunar Towers-

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