Jun 24, 2011

Kovalevskaya Crater (1.5 Km High Tower)

Kovalevskaya Crater

Location :30.80°N 129.60°W,
Size: 115.0 km / 71.5 mi
See the Video: 1.5-km-high-tower
We can easily see a large structure on the edge of the crater. As sun is in extreme angle and it's creating a very long shadow (around 12 Km) extending half way on the edge of the crater.

It's another evidence of artificial construction on moon, although picture is hazy still we can infer a large structure on the edge, with a prominent shadow extending miles into crater. We can see the detail of the stucuture is not very clear still one can conclude that it is a very large structure because a large verticle strucutue can only project such long shadow on the ground. Anyone can easily draw conclusion without any doubt that there is is a big structure out there.

If you don't believe then check yourself using this coodinates - 32 10 N, 131 06 W in google moon.

Google Moon > Primary database > Global Maps > Lunar Orbiter Mosaic
Location of the Anomaly

A verticle structure with Long Shadow extending inside crater

A Prominent Strucutre
An enlarged image

More Evidence Of Lunar Towers-

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