Aug 16, 2011

Mysterious Ukert Crater

A Triangular Shaped crater-Ukert Crater

Feature Type: Crater,
Named for: Friedrich August; German historian, humanitarian (1780-1851).
Location: 7.80°N 1.40°E
Size: 23.0 km / 14.3 mi

It is one of the peculiar crater formation on the surface of moon. Its shape is typical  triagular shape. It forms an equilateral triangle and has baffled the experts as it cannot be a naturally formed landmark. Does NASA has any explanation to this ? Is it a signs of intelligent construction or activity? These questions still remains a mystery to everybody.

If we see the floor of  the crater it has a triangular geometry which is unusual in crater formation. These are also other types of crates like tetragonal, pentagonal and hexagonal type, which already I have mentioned in this site, is unsual craterification on lunar surface. Its still a mystery as scientist and experts are still unable to explain fully.

(Below) Ukert Crater-Lunar Orbiter mosaic from google moon

Look at the enlarged image below

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