Aug 17, 2011

Apollo 16 -Anomalous Objects in Space

Apollo 16 station 13, An Anomalous Objects in Space

In  the picture below, it is one of the image of Apollo 16 station 13 mission. I have downloaded this image from google moon.


In the foreground we can see a lunar rover, an astronaut and a big boulder called as Shadow Rock. This is area close to a hill named Smoky mountain. If we look at the sky in the background it look pitch dark and nothing is visible in normal mode.

However if we enlage the photograph just behind and between the astronaut and boulder we can see easily an anomaly in sky. In this image sky looks very dark and nothing is visible not even a star, however this object is present there.

See the enlarged Images below

Its appearance is fuzzy and elongated in shape. One thing is pretty clear that thing cannot be a star or planet. It looks like a saucer shaped object. Look at the enlarged section of the photograph below.


It is  pretty clear from the above observation that the object is not star or planet. Its shape and luminosity tells himself what this object could be. Check it yoursellf.

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