Sep 2, 2011

PIA00094-Copernicus Impact Crater

PIA00094: Limb of Copernicus Impact Crater  NASA/JPL/USGS

Spacecraft:  Lunar Orbiter V-(10 degrees N., 20 degrees W)

In this image we can see crater floor, floor mounds, rim, and rayed ejecta. It is present in the  northern nearside of the Moon and is 93 km wide, located within the Mare Imbrium Basin.

A View of Copernicus Impact Crater

Enlarged - Anomalies are marked in red rectangles below


Below photo(a) shows a bright object resembling a tower seen in the distance edge of the horizon. This object might be thousands of feet in height and that it is clearly independently glowing.

An anomalous object (a)

The bottom photo is an enlargement and it shows that there is some artificial construction. There is clear rectangular pattern can be seen in image below.

Artificial construct (b) ?

A) In image (a) the object may be a peculiar luminous object hanging in the space near horizon. Its awesome. It seem to be glowing there independently and as no shadow visible, it cannot be a solid structure.
b) The image (b) shown looks like an artificial construct. It appear rectangle shaped or linear shaped objects on the ground.

In above anomalies image (a) seems to be genuine one, as it clearly appearing in photograph. It might be a luminous object, however image (b), the clarity of image is questionable. It is quite possible it could be pixed out due to image compression.


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