Sep 7, 2011

AS11-43-6370 Korolev Basin-An bright Object Hovering Above Surface

AS11-43-6370- Northwest rim of Korolev Basin

It is photograph of Northwest rim of Korolev Basin from website.
You can see I have maked a square on the right upper right of the photgraph indicating the anomaly.

It's clealy showing an anomaly. Some kind of reflective object or an alien craft hovering above the surface and its shadow below. How does NASA explain this ? Does anyone from NASA have a reasonable explanation to this.
  Enlaged part of the photograph (Below) 

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Anonymous said...

Exuberant1 here,

I am the discoverer of that anomaly. I think it is one of the better ones. UFOs from earth can be explained in so many ways, but it is quite harder to pin it on balloons when the object is spotted offworld.

I have any number of plausible explanations for what it might be - each of them more plausible that the truth: that there is an object flying over the lunar surface which we cannot account for.

Since I'm not out to ruin anyone's world-view, I normally offer a few explanations for a given anomaly and then let them choose the one that is most comfortable to them.

In this case: A spec of dust, a piece of man-made debris, a 'moon pigeon', an asteroid, an trick of light and shadow. Pick your poison.