Sep 8, 2011

A Strange Object in Kohlschutter Crater

Apollo 16 Mission - A View of the Kohlschutter Crater

Coordinates 14.4°N 154.0°E

Image was taken during Revolution 18 of the Apollo 16 mission.

AS16-118-18957-A mysterious object sticking out on the rim of the crater. We can see this is a photograph generally found on internet but not in NASA archives.


(B) NASA Website
Look at the enlarged photograph below. What do you think it could be ? An artificial construct ? A film processing glitch ? A UFO ? Or a natural geological feature ?

There are two versions of this photos found, one normally found on internet (Left Above) another one is from NASA website (Right Above). The image (A) above normaly found on internet. See the enlarged portion of the image (A) below

(A) Anomaly
(B) No Anomaly in NASA Version

Anyone can compare it with version of the same photograph from NASA Images Archives. In this photograph its showing the same topography but no anomaly. See the image B below.


The difference between these two photographs except anomalies that I have found is it's color and texture of the topography.
 1) The first photograph (image A above) looks normal in appearance as it is taken in bright daylight, however in second photo (image B below) if you take a closer look its texture is smoother and the grey color of the surface is more uniform through out. Look at the second image below, doesn't it look dull ? As it is photographed in bright daylight, surface should look more brighter? 
It clearly shows some kind of editing has been done by NASA.

2)  In first photo sky looks normal and there's a bright object there, I don't know its a star or what or may be an anomaly, however its there. If you compare it with second photo that bright anomaly is gone and the sky looks more deep, dark and clear. Look at the image below.

Image from NASA archives (AS16-118-18957).


From above analysis I have concluded that first photo (A) is the low quality version of the original one. When NASA guys detected that anomaly they obscured it and which now we can find in their archives.
Its shows NASA is deliberately obscuring and blurring the images to hide the truth from the public.
Anyone can download this from NASA website AS16-118-18957 and check it yourself.

Kindly give your comments.

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