Sep 17, 2011

Belyaev Crater -A " V " Shaped Structure

This is image of a crater inside Mare Moscoviense named Belyaev. You can see there is a small crater of diameter around 15 Km South-West to Belyaev. One can see the coordinates marked on the edge of the crater (Image below). There are anomalous structures arranged in peculiar V shape. What could it be? 

A baffling anomaly ? I call it a lunar base because an intelligent life can only make such things. There are around 7 small dots arranged on V shape pattern and size about 8-10 meters on average. Outer structures are larger whereas inner ones gradually becomes smaller.

An Alien Presence on the Moon? Does it fit in any conventional explanations ? Can NASA answer this ?

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Anonymous said...

so what the he'll is it.and what are all these strange objects/buildings all over the place