Apr 2, 2012

Blue Lights in Apollo 14 Images

Here you can find a series of Apollo 14 Images AS14-66-9290HR, AS14-66-9299HR, AS14-66-9297HR, AS14-66-9296HR, AS14-66-9295HR and AS14-66-9301HR which you can find on NASA website hq.nasa.gov. In this site you can find Apollo 14 Image Library contains all of the pictures taken on the lunar surface by the astronauts together with pictures from pre-flight training and pictures of equipment and the flight hardware.

What is I want to highlight in these images is the Blue lights that appeared in different frames at different position in the sky. You can find and analyse the peculiar features in these frames by downloading the HQ pictures from the links given below.

In the frame AS14-66-9290HR you can see a bright flame of light glowing on the right upper edge of the photograph. If we enlarge the image we can see two distinct source of light glowing brightly.  If we would have seen such thing on earth then we could have explained such thing as meteor burning in the atmospehere. Then what could be the source of such lights on moon where there is no atmosphere at all ?

We can also see in frame AS14-66-9295HR where flame of light glowing brightly and can see many small lights within also. Is it a light source itself or a object hanging in the space getting solar reflection from its shiny surface ?
It is amazing that such things are included in NASA's public images where people can see and interpret. Can NASA explain such anomalies ? Is it scientifically explanable ?

 Apollo 14 Images

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