Jun 25, 2012

AS17-137-20925 Anomaly


Apollo 17: Southeast face of Boulder 2 (Contrast Enhanced )
Original Image : eol.jsc.nasa.gov hq.nasa.gov

A weird Glowing Anomaly (enlarged)

AS17-137-20925 -I am wondering, is it a photographic anomaly or luminescence from the rock itself ?

A greenish-bluish glow looks as if rock crystals are glowing due to Photoluminescence. The enlarged phtograph AS17-137-20925 showing streak of lights tapered in upper part and forked downward. The tapered end appears to be rooted into the rock.

Apparently it looks some glowing liqid flowing out downward  but we know that such things cannot be possible on airless moon.Is it a natural phenomenon or something weird going on there ? Why there is not open discussion among scientific communities about such things or phenomenon which appears to be unusual or unnatural.

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