Feb 11, 2012

AS11-40-5954HR -Strange Luminescent Object

"Neil took this partial pan on the rim of Little West Crater, which is 60 meters east of the LM. He overflew this 30-m crater during the final approach and, near the end of the EVA ran out to it to take these pictures. The frames are AS11-40-5954 to 5961. 
Neil has run about 60 meters east of the LM to look at Little West Crater. The crater is about 30 meters in diameter and Neil is taking a partial pan from the WSW rim. This is the first frame of that pan. It shows the north and east wall and a pile of debris in the bottom. "

It is the View from Little West Crater more than 60Mt. away from the Lunar lander in apollo-11 mission. If we enlarge the photograph below we can see a small bluish glow in the shadow region of the crater, nearly middle of the photograph. A strange luminescence in dark region which seems to be hovering above the ground.

The image below is AS11-40-5954HR where this anomaly is visible. There is another image AS11-40-5956HR where if we see the same spot on the image there is no such anomaly visible. What could it be? What could be the source of such things? It looks like a blue orb to me or its just a bad job processing the film ? See the enlarged image (second)

What is the  bluish streak of light on the image above? It appears to me lens flair on the photograph above but what could be the small bluish glow in the middle left of the image? See the third image below without such glowing anomaly in the middle left of the photograph.



AS11-40-5956HR - No Anomaly (below)


B. Jørgensen said...

The blue flame down in the crater is interesting. The top one is a lens flare!

Aditya Behera said...

Yes you are right friend, the top one could be a lens flare. Thanks..

Rupesh Thapa said...

Moon a mysterious object in the sky....

KUJUR said...

The moon itself may hold answers to UFO phenomena. Over the years astronomers have noted the presence of lunar anomalies, physical features on the lunar surface that hint of non-natural origins. Lunar anomalies, according to some theories, may be products of past or present alien civilizations.