Dec 3, 2011

luminescent Rocks

AS17-145-22140HR - Here you can see the two glowing sources of light, one on the rock exposed in sunlight (see the image below which I have higlighted with sqaure red boxes ) and another one well inside dark shadow area of the second rock. They are radiating faint bluish light.

So question arises does moon have rocks or minerals within rocks which are self luminous in dark? Or its sign of alien activity?

On earth Fluorescent Rocks is not uncommon to be found and they generally glows in the presence of UV or sunlight. They change color according to temperature or variation of wavelenghts and gives off  pleasant colors. eg of rocks: Tugtupite, sodalite.

That means these fluorescent minerals found on the earth need to have extenal source of energy like UV or sunlight to make then glow. I wonder then how the mineral inside the rock (Last image) can glow when it is in shadow area?

I think moon have precious minerals which need to be mined for human development but I wonder, NASA has brought many pounds of lunar rocks didnot they find any clues of such minerals ? because I have seen such glowing things (I am not talking about ORB's or glowing ball of light which are related to UFO's) in many other lunar photographs. Why there isn't any talk about such things? or they know everything but hiding it from public.


A bluish glow in direct sunlight (A)

A bluish glow in the dark shade of rock (B) 

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