Nov 2, 2011

Amazing Artifacts - AS15-82-11084HR

This is an update of previous post where I have highlighted some strange artifacts on small crater near Hadley Rille. Now I have discovered the original photograph in NASA archives.

Here is the link

AS15-82-11084HR,    AS15-82-11085HR

You can see a clear image of artifacts which can be identified by its unique angular dimensions. Incredible ! The triangular shaped artifact in the middle is not solid object as triangular geometry is formed due to three arms joined together. There is another artifacts on the left side of the image having triangular geometry, infact a smaller triangle within triangle.

See the highlighted red marks on the images. Download this (AS15-82-11084HR ) from the link provided above.

Triangular Artifact

If we analyse the another peculiar anomaly which is visible on the right side where we can see a a sharp pointed shadow of something is falling on the rock below. It also showing a half ring like something attached to it.

We  can see many peculiar rock structures in the crater. It seems to be debris of somthing or could have been an alien craft crashed there?

There is another image AS15-82-11085HR an area close to this crater having L shaped mark on the rock. See the image below.

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