Oct 27, 2011

Hadley Rille - Amazing Artifacts

In Google Moon we can see the telescopic view of a small crater near to Hadley Rille. We can see the small view of the crater below. Applying telesopic view NASA has got good way to hide anything effectively. Due to small field of view anyone would easily get annoyed and can skip any thing present there.
What I have done ? I took many snapshots of enlarged view of the google moon and later joined together to get a wide view of the crater area (Image B beow).

You can see in the photograph above (B) I have highlighted many anomalous objects. I have'nt done anything with this photograph except joining many snapshots together to get a broader view.
One can easliy find many anomalous things in this crater. They look like artifacts or debri on the crater and anyone can easily conclude that they are not rocks by looking at their Prominent angular features and Grooves. We can see it clearly in image above.

The above image is an amazing one, we can clearly see a shadow on the rock like structure. Shadow is pointed and showing an "U" shaped structure attached to it. 
The shadow itself explain the nature of the object above. Is it a shadow of a rock above ? The structure above cannot be simply a rock, I think it could be a mangled metallic object or an artifact.
Again the rock below on which shadow is casting, itself may be an artifact because we can see the long angular shape and deep grooves on it. Enlarge the image see it carefully.

A Shadow casted by an Artifact
Other Artifacts below

Artifacts showing three angular sides clearly

Angular and Grooved features on the artifact below

There are enough evidence which can proove the presence of artifacts and other artificial objects on the moon. It is evident that NASA is heavily airbrushing images and editing them to conceal any type of aomalies but how long they will do such things. Nobody can conceal the truth from the people.
So what do you conclude after looking these images?


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KUJUR said...

Huge disk shaped objects located beneath the moons lava seas!

The moon has large seas of smooth molten rock. Known as 'maria', four fifths of these are on the Earth-side hemisphere. In the centre of these maria, huge disk-shaped objects have been detected lying 20 to 40 miles below the surface.

The objects are referred to as 'mascons' and they are said to be located like a bulls-eye at the centre of the marias.

The mascons were first discovered because their density distorted the orbits of objects flying over or near them. Some scientists have theorized that the mascons are heavy iron ore meteorites that plunged into the moon when it was in a soft and formable state