Aug 10, 2011

lunarorbiter frame - 3078

I have downloaded this image from the NASA website Lunar oribiter frame 3078. I have found two unusual thing in this image maked on the right side above and below.

The anomalous object upper right seem to be hovering above the lunar surface and looks like an alien object or UFO. 

You can see in NASA website this photograph is inverted. Why it is kept inverted ? Is this a trick to hide somthing? The answer in "yes" because by inverting images it is difficult to detect such anomalies.

You can find many photgraph in NASA's archives which are inverted, however I am not saying in every inverted images you will find anomalies, rather most anomalies that I have found are inverted.

The second object in the image on lower right side is a rod shaped and its casting no shadow on the surface. This proves that its also not on ground rather hovering or flying high above the surface. What could it be ? An alien craft ?

A rod shaped Object

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